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The world's most unique hotels

If you want to lie in the stomach of a dog, watching the night sky on a bed of sand or lie in a coffin, you can find this special hotel.


First World Hotel, Genting entertainment by the city, Malaysia:
With 6118 rooms, this hotel is currently the world's largest recognized by Guinness World Records. There are parks, shopping centers and tropical forests. Photo: News.
Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain:
Was completed in 2006, renovated a winery this hotel into the language loss of $ 100 million. Wavy architecture gives the hotel an eccentric appearance that if you do not make eye view, you can hardly believe it. Photo: Flickr.
Yotel, Anh:
London's Heathrow airport, you can find Yotel hotel, the world's smallest, near the border of 4. The luxury hotel room shiny with flat screen TV, wireless internet. You can put a few hours or a few nights accommodation with prices from only $ 37. Photo: News.
Stay roadside Hobbit Motel, New Zealand:
If the favorite home of the dwarves in "The Lord of the Rings", you will love this hotel. Situated on a hillside, the small cave made ​​of polystyrene plastic to keep warm in winter. Each row contains 6 people. Photo: News.
Propeller Island City Lodge Hotel, Germany:
German artist Lars Stroschen edited two separate rooms in the apartment living room art. He then developed it into a hotel. Each room at Propeller Island has a different characteristics: rooms are inclined to be hanging in the air bed, another room with him. In a room with a double bed is a coffin. Photo: News.
Dog Bark Park Inn, U.S.:
Inside the belly large hound is many things: a loft room, several bedrooms and all the functions of a normal hotel. Great dog named Sweet Willy and little dog next to the name is Toby. Photo: News.
Hotels pupa, Japan:
The hotel includes a number of compartments plastic pull length is less than 2 meters and width of 1.5 meters. There is also a bathroom and a living room. In the chamber, you have a TV, a radio, an alarm clock. Room rates here in more than 40 U.S. dollars per night. Photo: News.

Sand Hotel, England:
World's first sand hotel was built in 2008 on the coast of Weymouth. Weighs about 1,000 new hotel and has room for about 21 USD per night. These rooms are great for watching the night sky. The only minus of the hotel is not clean and the hotel did not "survive" when it rains. Photo: News.
Hotels cave Gamirasu:
Sleeping in a cave, not like your imagination, very comfortable, especially when the volcanic rocks separated from the cave kept at the appropriate temperature throughout the year. Photo: News.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Brazil:
Hotel located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This is the biggest ecological zones of Brazil, it has a total of 268 rooms. Photo: AP.
Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn, Australia:
A crocodile-shaped hotel is 250 meters long with 110 rooms. A swimming pool heart symbolizes deep fish, embroiled in its function, pitch around represents a dead-end river. Photo: News.
Hotels Daspark, Austria
Hotel rooms Daspark the small room as he weighs 10 tons. Common bathroom, and hotel guests can pay whatever they want. Photo: News
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